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Your First Look at the Completely Reimagined Houston Farmers Market — World Class Chefs, Pioneering Cowboys and Plenty of Green

Walking through the new Houston Farmers Market as it’s being built, you’re struck by one simple truth. Houston’s never had anything like this before. One of America’s top chefs (a Jimmy Kimmel favorite) and a real ranching cowboy who shoos bees aside by taking the hat off his head and using it to usher them away are walking besides you on this tour.

This is a big deal for the nation’s fourth largest city — even if some do not quite grasp the full scope of it yet.

“We’ve got to get all of Houston in here,” MLB Capital founding partner Todd Mason says. 


With that in mind, this massive redevelopment of a farmers market with roots that stretch back nearly 80 years is going to include a little bit of everything…


Open 5:30am to 6pm daily

Market closed only on Christmas Day
and New Years Day


2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009



Houston Farmers Market

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