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There is no charge or coordination necessary with self-guided visits, however, we do encourage visitors to have cash on-hand to be able to purchase food items from the vendors. We are open everyday from 6:00 AM – 7:30 PM, with our busiest days being Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and generally busier in the mornings.
See below to learn some more about our history, what to expect when you visit the Houston Farmers Market, and general information.


It all began in 1937 when a group of Houston area farmers was frustrated with the selling conditions at local farmers markets. Out-performed by “speculators” (non-farming produce vendors), a group of Houston area farmers organized and created the Farmers Protective Association, the predecessor to the Farmers Cooperative Market Co-Association (FCMA). In 1942, the 9 members organized and formed the FCMA, and with the aid of many other local farmers, purchased the original 9.5 acres of land to build and operate their own market on – the Houston Farmers Market. For the next 80 years, nearly 9 more acres were acquired, buildings were erected as demand for space increased, and the FCMA was reorganized into a business corporation – the Farmers Marketing Association of Houston, Texas (FMA).

In 2017, MLB Capital Partners purchased the Houston Farmers Market from the FMA, and began plans to redevelop the site into a destination restaurant and retail space, while honoring the roots of the Market’s long-standing merchants and history. Many trials were faced during the redevelopment, such as flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and COVID-19, among others. Fast forward to 2021, construction on the revitalized Houston Farmers Market is now complete and the new facilities are open for operations.

MLB Capital Partners is transforming the 18-acre Market into a destination retail and dining experience offering more diversified products, renovated facilities, and full service and fast-casual dining. The Houston Farmers Market will host a wide array of Tenants that will reflect the uniqueness and diversity of Houston. More than your typical farmers market, find everything from your weekly produce to chef-driven meals and retail shopping at the Houston Farmers Market.

Check out our Houston Farmers Market timeline for a more in-depth look of our history and founders!


R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats, Underbelly Burger, Wild Oats, Egg House, and Crawfish and Noodles, are all open along with our produce merchants in the open-air markets and produce warehouses. We are in the process of building out the spaces for more restaurants and other retail shops like Henderson & Kane General Store. Our produce merchants carry many types of unique tropical fruits, peppers, vegetables, and spices that can’t be found in traditional grocery stores or other farmers markets. All of our merchant’s businesses are locally owned, and for the most part, family operated. Be sure to come with money on hand as many of them only accept cash!


Restrooms are available on the West side of the Braun Building, and the East side of the Strack Building.
Please see the Market Map for details.

4. Outdoor Artwork

Part of the Houston Farmers Market experience is the opportunity to discover and enjoy interesting works of outdoor art created by local artists who help tell the story of the logistics of bringing food from a seed planted in the ground to a plate on your table or at your favorite restaurant. To assist in this vision, we teamed up with local artist, Suzanne Sellers. Here is her story:

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Suzanne Sellers has been involved in the Houston art scene for more than 30 years — first as an art teacher and then as a painter and muralist. During that time she has produced an impressive body of work for individual, municipal and corporate clients. The Houston Farmers Market is proud to showcase her latest work — 12 panels depicting the farm-to-table journey.

Suzanne’s art is grounded in her knowledge and research of the subject matter. In the 12 pieces displayed as a backdrop to the market stalls of farmers and vendors, she uses hands to tell a story of labor, respect and love. The works are direct, bold and full of color. They start with the simple act of planting a seed, and progress to the nurturing and harvesting of crops. In the final images, a meal is prepared and shared.

Her hope is that the viewer will be intrigued to stop for a moment and see the connection, to relate to the story and consider how it ties to their own experiences.


There are nearly 600 parking spaces available at the Houston Farmers Market. Please enter the property either through the front entrance off of Airline Drive, or the 2 entrances off of Service Street. Our parking lots are interconnected, so once you enter the Market, you can access both the front, side, and rear parking lots. Please see the Market Map for more details.

Large buses must call ahead to coordinate a parking location with one of the on-site property managers, at 713-862-8866.


Your group is responsible for their own general first-aid kit. Any other emergencies need to be reported to 911.


Open 6:00am to 7:30pm daily

Market closed only on Christmas Day
and New Years Day


2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009



Houston Farmers Market


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